"Matthew has been a tremendous resource for our company. He has generated, edited and proofed work for us over the years which have generated cohesion to our practice and company. I highly recommend Matthew for all of your writing needs. He has been extremely accessible, professional and has taken the time to learn our business. This has allowed Matthew to be able to more accurately and intelligibly address our target audience." --- James Kling, President, Alternative Teaching

"Typically editors look for two things from writers - accuracy and punctuality. So whenever I needed a quick, smart NBA piece for ESPN The Magazine, I looked for Matt." -- LZ Granderson, former NBA editor and current senior writer at ESPN The Magazine

"Matt is a great feature writer who puts heart in his stories to inspire and engage readers. He’s wonderful to work with because he’s responsive, dependable, very professional in his interactions and conscientious of deadlines." --- Laura Tigges, Internal Communications Manager, DeVry Education Group

"What I love about Matt and his writing is how he is able to see the human element in everything. It's not just reporting facts, he's telling the story of someone's life and touching human spirit as he writes. Matt has done a couple of pieces for RevelationGolf and every one of them has wonderfully conveyed how people helping people in need makes our world a better place." --- Donna Strum, Executive Director, RevelationGolf

"Matt has been a reliable, quality writer for Chicago Athlete. I can count on him to turn in excellent work in a timely fashion and have always been pleased with the writing he'd done." --- Bethany Stripp, Editor in Chief, Chicago Athlete Magazine